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Bike Carrier Bag for 20 lbs Dogs Or Cats

Happy Paws: Bike and Backpack for 20 lbs pets. Safe, stable, and easy to install. Includes collapsible bowl (Gray).

Embark on adventures with our Happy Paws Bicycle Basket, doubling as a backpack for your 20 lbs dogs or cats.

Cruise through life with your furry friend by your side, ensuring their comfort and safety.

Your pet deserves the best, and Happy Paws delivers happiness on every ride.

Equipped with a collapsible bowl, our bag anticipates your pet’s needs, keeping them content during adventures.

Designed for stability on the bike, comfort on your back, and versatility in the car, Happy Paws is a perfect companion in any weather.

Effortless cleaning is a breeze, thanks to the timeless design and top-notch materials of our bicycle basket.

No tools required for installation; we’ve made it easy so you can focus on enjoying the journey with your pet.

Prepare for a life-changing experience as Happy Paws becomes your pet’s new favorite travel buddy, enhancing your bond along the way.

Included components: Instruction, Insert, Collapsible bowl.