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Big Dog Chain Collar

Amazon.com Price: $135.00 (as of 04/06/2023 12:18 PST- Details)

txprodogchains Big Dog Chain Collar with Buckle Strong Heavy Duty, 32MM Thick Wide Stainless Steel Metal, 18K Gold Cuban Link Choke Chain Collar for Large Dogs.


2020 The Most Thicker Gold Dog Chain Collar, Fulfillment by Amazon, Arrives You Fast, Return and Replacement Available and Reliable!

Material of Metal Dog Chain: It’s 18K Gold over the Hand Polished Stainless Steel chain with high strength and hardness, heavy, durable, no rust, or tarnish, ensuring many years of use!

We designed a unique, attractive buckle.

It is easy to lock and unlock the clasp and is very strong so that it can’t be pulled apart even with 700lbs of force!

Size of Dog Chain Collar: Chain width is 32MM (1.26″), and It is the most thickness for metal chain dollar.

Available length are 16” to 26”. Medium (16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ optional length); and Large ( 24″, 26″ optional length).

Please note that this chain is NOT adjustable, measure around your dog’s neck with string or tape where you want the collar to lay, and then add about 1 to 2inches.


Who Needs this Collar? Do you have a dog that likes to chew? If yes, then this Collar is perfect!

The Super Strong 18K Gold Plated Cuban link chain collar looks cool on both male and female dogs.

It’s designed for large active breed dogs like Pitbulls, American Bullys, German Shepherds, Huskys, Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards and English Bulldogs it can handle the rough breeds.

What Is This Chain Like?

Whether your Training or just Walking your dog this Chain is solid and heavy because it is not hollow.

High polished craftsmanship makes the surface shiny and smooth and comfortable; we believe your Dog will be proud to wear this Collar.

The welded stainless steel D-ring for attaching tags and the Dog’s leash is substantial, and you’ll never worry about it breaking.

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