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Awesome Dog Ball Throwing Machine

Amazon.com Price: $13.61 (as of 10/04/2023 06:01 PST- Details)

Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launcher, Dog Ball Thrower-Interactive Dog Toys (Load and Launch Tennis Balls for Dogs to Fetch).


GREAT SOURCE OF EXERCISE & FUN: An Interactive dog toy that launches tennis balls for dogs’ favorite game – fetch.

EASY TO OPERATE: Features a quick trigger seamless tennis ball launch to get your dog jumping and fetching.

More play means a healthier, happier dog.

VARIED DISTANCE: Adjust the distance you launch tennis balls for your dog by pulling a lever.

The further back you pull, the further the tennis ball blasts which mean more exercise for your dog.

HANDS-FREE PICK UP: load tennis balls in this tennis ball thrower for dogs by placing the nuzzle over the ball and pulling the lever.

CONTAINS: Includes one K-9 Kannon & one Hyper tennis ball for dogs.

Comfort grip.

DIMENSIONS: 24 inches long, 7.38 inches wide, 3 inches high.

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