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Automatic Cat Feeders Up to 20 Portions

Amazon.com Price: $45.82 (as of 10/04/2023 05:50 PST- Details)

Ciays Automatic Cat Feeders, 5.6L Cat Food Dispenser Up to 20 Portions Control 4 Meals Per Day.


However selective they are with their own affection, we love having cats around, but like many other duties during the average working day, sometimes it is hard to make time for feeding them.

In come automatic cat feeders, which, like so many other modern inventions, are designed to save time by fulfilling a daily task on your behalf.

6 PERSONALIZED FEEDING TIMES – Customize your pet’s mealtimes and portions with an automatic pet feeder.

Program up to 6 personalized healthy routine meals.

Your pet will learn the routine of going to the feeder for food instead of going to you.

15 MM LARGE KIBBLE & PORTIONS – Your pet might love to eat everything, but it’s up to us to control how much they eat.

A 4L automatic feeder will help to cut out overfeeding/underfeeding (1-20 portions per meal, about 8g per portion), supporting steady growth and weight management while lowering the risk of diabetes.

We RECOMMEND using only dry pet food sizes within 5mm to 15mm.

LOW FOOD ALARM – Equipped with a distribution alarm, reminding you to restock food for your pet when the food is low.

Integrated with a “RETURN” button for simple controls, moreover made of healthy quality BPA-free plastic and includes a stainless steel bowl that is dishwasher-safe so you can just pop it in for easy cleaning.

Designed with a transparent food container so you can check and refill without opening the lid to avoid food contamination.

30-DAY BACKUP POWER SUPPLY – What if the power cuts out, or the cable gets disconnected? We got you!

The battery mode will kick in with all your original settings, with extra power lasting up to 30 days (depending on battery quality).

Caring just got easier!

YOUR VOICE IS LOVED – Press and hold the record button to record a personalized voice message (up to 10 seconds) to be heard when each mealtime comes.

Grasp the attention of your furry buddy with your well-loved voice.

Your message, your way!

90-DAY EAT TRIAL: We genuinely trust our quality and functions, so much that we provide a 90 days trial on our Automatic Cat Feeder.

If you have any issues or simply if your pets don’t like the Automatic Pet Feeder, feel free to get a return with no questions asked.

You can test our cat food dispenser worry-free.

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