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Auto Pet Food Dispenser with Portion Control

HBN Smart Pet Feeder: 4L capacity, app-controlled, offline feeding, backup battery, voice recording, and easy cleaning. Efficient, caring pet care!

Say hello to the HBN Smart Automatic Pet Food Dispenser, Boasting a generous 4L capacity, this feeder ensures that your furry friend is never left hungry, while the transparent storage container allows you to easily monitor the remaining food.

Made from premium food-grade plastic, the feeder prioritizes safety for both pets and humans alike, and its secure lock system keeps food fresh and prevents any sneaky pet theft.

Take control with the HBN Smart app, allowing you to schedule precise feeding times and portions of approximately 10 grams.

Even if you’re running late, rest assured your pet will be fed on time, eliminating the need to rely on neighbors during your weekend getaways.

Worried about Wi-Fi connectivity issues? The feeder seamlessly continues its scheduled feeding offline, and with a backup battery, it ensures operation during power outages, providing several days of worry-free pet care.

Cleaning is a breeze with the washable and detachable feed container, accommodating dry food of 2-10 mm grain size.

Offering flexibility, it allows up to 30 meals per day, with a maximum of 10 portions per meal, each around 10 grams.

But what truly sets this feeder apart is the personalized touch – a voice recording feature lets you leave a comforting message for your pet.

Whether it’s a cheerful greeting or a reassurance that you’ll be back, your furry friend will feel your presence, turning feeding time into a delightful bonding experience.