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Auto Close Wide Pet Gate

Amazon.com Price: $54.99 (as of 04/06/2023 12:24 PST- Details)

InnoTruth Wide Baby Gate for Dogs, Auto Close Pet Gate 29″ to 39.6″ Width with 30″ Height, Extra Tall Safety Coverage for Stairs, Hallways, Bedrooms, Child Puppy Gate No Drill.



Block off certain rooms, stairs, or areas with an extra-tall baby gate that better protects your kids and pets from reaching unsafe areas.

The moment kids get mobile is the moment they start visiting all those rooms and areas of your home they shouldn’t be playing in.

That’s why it’s important to block off those areas and prevent them from having accidents or falling down the stairs with the extra-tall InnoTruth Baby Safety Gate.

Designed with an adjustable width and narrow slat spaces these versatile gates can be placed up almost anywhere to keep kids or your pets from going down stairs, accessing bedrooms, or even going out the back door.

And all without limiting access to parents or pet owners to ensure smooth transition from room to room.


Larger Coverage Area – InnoTruth wide baby gate adjust from 29” to 39.6” in width and boasts an impressive 30” in height to make it easier to cover standard stairways, hallways, door openings, and other accessible points you want to block off.

Dual-Lock Safety Design – Our baby gate features two distinct locking features to add even more home protection including a pull and lift locking system as well as a safety latch on the bottom of the gate that locks our safety child gate entirely.

Wall-Friendly Installation – There are adjustable pressure screws on either side of our dog gate which means it won’t damage walls and installs quickly and easily with minimal effort.

It’s even the perfect pet gate for small indoor puppies.

Smart Auto-Close Feature – Along with a two-way step-thru door this baby gate for stairs and other areas of the house automatically closes at 30 and 90 degrees to help prevent kids or prevents from trying to sneak in behind you once you pass through.

Crafted for Child Protection – From the 1.89” wide slots to the taller height this baby and dog gate for house use secures firmly to walls and doorways to ensure stability.

Ensure you place it firmly between two fixed points to prevent tipping.

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