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Anti-Choke Slip Lead for Heavy Pullers

Amazon.com Price: $29.99 (as of 09/04/2023 05:22 PST- Details)

MOJODOG Anti-Choke Slip Lead Dog Leash – for Medium and Large Breeds – for Walking, Training and Heavy Pullers – Reflective 1/2″ Climbing Rope 6 ft Long by Treewix.



Unlike most other slip leads MOJODOG rope slip lead has an ANTI-CHOKING feature to ensure your dog’s safety in any situation.

Without anti-choke buckle a slip lead behaves similar to a choke chain, the collar part can tighten without limit and can choke the dog.

Our rope leash also REFLECTS in the dark and keeps your dog safe at night.

HIGH QUALITY materials and new ELEGANT DESIGN ensure great user experience both for you and your dog.

Figure 8 knot with a golden snap hook creates stylish handle.

Elegant striped pattern joint covers and luxurious golden metal rope end caps make the black leash look fine and sophisticated.

It is a great DOG TRAINING slip leash for controlling your dog, obedience training and walking powerful pullers, because slip leads adjust to the size of any dog’s neck and make it impossible for dogs to back out of them.


Slip leashes tighten under tension and loosen again once tension is gone.

Please keep in mind, that rope slip leads are not chew proof

MOJODOG slip leash is made of durable and sturdy 3-layer 1/2″ nylon MOUNTAIN CLIMBING ROPE with reflective thread.

That means it is really strong and a bit stiff.

If you are looking for soft 1-layer type of rope, then climbing rope is not suitable for you.

All joints on our rope leash have heavy duty stitching covered with stylish striped pattern threads.

Our rope slip lead for medium and large dogs is 6ft long to ensure great walking experience for all breeds with weight 20-80 lbs.

Our rope slip dog leash comes inside elegant GIFT BOX and is therefore an excellent gift choice for any dog lover, man or woman, for birthday, Christmas or other occasion.

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