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Airtight Dog Food Storage Container

Amazon.com Price: $12.26 (as of 10/04/2023 05:51 PST- Details)

OXO Good Grips Pet POP Container – 1.1 Qt/1 L | Ideal for up to 1lb of treats | Airtight Dog and Cat Food Storage Container | BPA Free.



Who wants a treat? We bet your pet does.

But the OXO 1.1 Qt Pet POP Container is a treat for you, too.

It has the classic POP lid, which creates an airtight seal (to keep pests and moisture out) and can easily be taken apart for cleaning.

Just push the button down to lock the lid in place and then pop it up again (and use the button as a handle) to remove the lid and retrieve a treat.

It can hold a 1-pound bag of treats.

And like all our square POP Containers, it can be stacked or neatly lined up to streamline the look of a counter or pantry.

For best results, always use the button to open and close.

Do not carry POP Containers by the lid.

Dishwasher safe.

Holds up to a 1-pound bag of treats.

Lid creates an airtight seal to keep food fresh and pests out.

Square footprint allows for stacking and modular storage.

Always use the button to open and close; do not carry Container by the lid.

Lid comes apart for easy cleaning, dishwasher safe.

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