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9 Durable Dog Toys for IQ Training

9-in-1 brain game! Hide treats, challenge your dog, boost IQ. Safe, durable, adjustable difficulty. Entertain your pup for hours!


Keep your pup paw-sitively entertained with this brain-boosting puzzle toy!

Challenge their minds and noses: This interactive toy features 9 bone-shaped covers that hide treats, encouraging your dog to sniff, nudge, and problem-solve to unlock their reward.

Adjustable difficulty: Start simple with a few covers, then gradually increase the challenge as your dog gets smarter! The extra-large hole caters to all dog sizes.

Safe and sound: Made with food-safe, BPA, PVC & phthalate-free materials, this toy prioritizes your pet’s well-being. Plus, it’s 15% thicker and heavier than similar products for extra durability.

Easy to clean: Simply wash with mild soap and warm water, ensuring all compartments are dry before playtime resumes.

Key features:

  • 9 bone-shaped covers for treat hiding;
  • Adjustable difficulty levels;
  • Extra-large hole for all dog sizes;
  • Food-safe, BPA, PVC & phthalate-free materials;
  • 15% thicker and heavier for enhanced durability;
  • Easy to clean.

Give your dog the gift of mental stimulation and delicious rewards with this engaging puzzle toy!