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2XL Pad Warming Mat

Pet Heating Pad Warming Mat – Cat Dog Comfortable Sleeping Electric Thermal Blanket Waterproof Heated Cushion with Washable Removable Cover, Resistant steel Cord for kittens Bed Puppy Kennel 2XL Brown.


PETNF are focus on designing and producing pet products which can manke our fur friends live better.

🐶【Temperature Adjustable Heating Pad】: Our heating pad has a temperature regulator with 6 levels.

It can adjust the temperature range 86-131℉/30-55℃ (Wider temperature options than most products).

You can choose the most suitable temperature for your lovely.

🐱【Pet Heating Pad with Timer】: PETNF timer heating pad – Auto shut down when you wanted.

Timing system has 5 levels: Always (Default Setting, don’t need to press any button) and 4/8/12/24 H (Need press the Timer button).

The pad will stop heating when the timer out and the indicator light moves down automatically when every 4H passed to tell you how much time left.


🐕【Flame retardant and Waterproof PVC Envelope Enclosure】: Our product’s inner is a soft PVC envelope with waterproof and Flame retardant.

This product has the highest-grade V-0 flame retardant capability.

The outer soft fleece cover is machine washable.

However, if your inner pad becomes dirty you can clean the pad with a damp cloth instead of immersing the pad into water.

Because it has wires on it.

🐈【 83” Chew Resistant Cord for Safety 】: In order to prevent pets from getting electrocuted by biting the wires, we specially fitted our wires with the 83” Chew Resistant Cord.

But you had better take your pet away from the wires when they bite the wires.

💕【Temperature Control & Safety】: In order to prevent the heating pad from overheating, we add a temperature control wire.

If the temperature exceeds your set temperature, the thermostat stops heating and lowers the temperature.

What’s more, if the temperature overheating by accident the temperature control wire will interrupt the circuit which can provide a safety pad for your pets.


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