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20 Pieces Dog Collar Flowers

Charm your pet with 20 vibrant Pet Collar Flowers. Delicate chiffon, 10 cm diameter, perfect for daily wear or special occasions. Easy attachment, standout style.

Improve your pet’s ensemble with a set of 20 Pet Collar Flowers.

These intricately designed accessories showcase meticulous craftsmanship, radiating an essence of delicacy and beauty.

Imagine your furry companion adorned with these vibrant dog charm flowers – a stylish embellishment that adds charm and grace to their appearance.

Versatile for daily wear, weddings, parties, or special occasions, these detachable dog flowers make thoughtful gifts for your cherished pets or precious baby girls.

Fashioned from soft chiffon in 20 delightful colors, each flower has a diameter of approximately 10 cm (3.94 inches), providing options to suit various styles.

Included in the package are 20 dog collar flowers, each featuring an elastic band for effortless attachment and removal.

Tailor your pet’s look effortlessly, ensuring they stand out!