Paracin CAC Dog Show 2014

In Paracin on Saturday, May 3, held the National Dog Show “CAC 2014 “. A number of dogs is 239. We decided this year on cynological manifestations to introduce our dog, Tyson.

He won in Jagodina – excellent and CAC (link). On this dog show achieved the same result. Currently, he is the FCI champion of beauty in the open class.

List of judges:

  • Marija Radovanović (III, IX);
  • Dejan Radenković (II, V);
  • Dragan Ristić (all);
  • Milan Milanović (III, VIII);
  • Živojin Stevanović (I, IV, IX);
  • Vojkan Mišljenović (III, VII);
  • The usual judge is Siniša Rančić.

City Paracin

Paracin is a town and municipality in Serbia, located in the valley of the Velika Morava river, north of Krusevac and southeast of Kragujevac.

In 2011 the town has a total population of 24,573 and it has a civil airport, also known as Davidovac Airport. Source: Wikipedia

Europe, Serbia, in the middle part of Central Serbia of the river Crnica, 156 km south of Belgrade, towards Nis, at the international Highway E-75 (Corridor 10).

Paraćin is situated at the crossroads of the following directions: at the beginning of international road E-761 towards Zajecar and Bulgaria; at the connection to the traffic artery E-760 towards Krusevac, Kraljevo and farther towards Montenegro and Bosnia; the distance between Paracin and Nis is 80 km (crossroads that continue towards the Middle East) and from the Adriatic Sea 500 km.

Climate: Moderately continental, average temperature -08oC in January and 22oC in July, average rainfall 644 mm2.

The town of 128 years`long tradition of direct foreign investments. The first factory in Paracin, textile factory, started work in 1882, with investors, Czech manufacturers, and Minh brothers.

Paracin became a well-known industrial centre, town of textile, cement, glass and confectionery goods. Source:



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