Tyson the Dog: A Loyal and Lovable Companion

Life in the Balkans is full of primitivism, various demagogues, and all kinds of things. It is very exhausting for a rational being to think normally.

We are overwhelmed by many poisons, not realizing how much they are poisoning us about a better and more beautiful future.

So toxic, we become dangerously ill, impoverished, quarrelsome, and infinitely alienated.

Everyone bothers everyone else, so quarrels and hatred begin between people in that confusion and hopelessness. There is no cure for love in the human race …

awesome shepherd big puppyPin
Awesome Puppy FCI 4302

What sets Tyson apart from other dogs?

Suddenly, my beautiful, self-confident, smart Toki runs by… stops to play with him, sniffs me, and looks at me with his cute eyes.

I stop for a moment, looking at him and thinking how smart, measured and unburdened he is and doesn’t hate anyone.

As I hit my palm against my palm, he is there, running, full of life and energy, with that imperial look and extremely beautiful head, cream-colored hair, and large paws.

It is my favorite Sarplaninac dog, wildly strange but extremely beautiful and civilized for its breed, and how could it not be like that, when it is looked after, well raised?

He is the emperor, a king in my husband’s kennel!

When other dogs bark, he stays quiet, but when he starts barking … that’s a signal to go out and see what’s going on. In a word, Tyson only barks when there is a great danger.

His barking is very specific, thunderous muttering.

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Puppy Tyson and Mira Stefanovic

Tyson and Strangers

Anyone who sees him stops as if he had come to a class with the professor.

He also recognizes human temperaments, he doesn’t even look at other dogs, he goes, observes, and looks around, he is extremely self-confident, and he is an animal.

He looks for the good in people, and with his barking “he announces” a thief.

My favorite dog has more love for the environment and the living world, and even more, understanding than man has for man.

It is a dog of tolerance, and he is a living legend in the Balkans and beyond.

The human race could be ashamed in front of such a lion that doesn’t speak but understands everything.

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Sarplaninac Puppy

Smart Dog

He opens the gates, takes his food, goes to the mountain, runs out on his own, and finds the way to his home.

One would think that he is trained, no, he is not trained at all because I wrote a while ago that he is very interesting, smart, measured, self-confident, and has never attacked anyone.

Sarplaninac Tyson is a dog that has surpassed his breed in many ways, as well as the man himself.

Toki knows what is good and what is bad and hates no one.

He loves his surroundings and people because he is grateful to those who take care of him, feed him, and love him.

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Shepherd Dog Tyson

Final Word

With its beauty, tolerance, and poise, it surpassed all dogs, no matter what breed they were.

The most beautiful of all dogs in this world is my favorite Sarplaninac Toki, that’s what I call him, he always recognizes me, even though I’m not constantly with him.

The creator of this world gave him everything, and he is grateful because he justifies it with his existence and behavior.

The human race could work a lot more on itself in terms of survival and a better future, and even learn something from a dog like this, who knows how to love, not hate and destroy the world with various nonsense, after all, what is the use of reason, if it is animally perfected and improved the future and beauty of survival on this planet with its instinct …

Thank you for your attention and your time.

Author: Mira Stefanovic       Topic: Awesome Shepherd Dog Tyson FCI 4302


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