How to Choose the Best Dog Gate For Your Home

If you have pets, your home likely has an entryway that you want to keep the dog out of.

Whether it is the front door leading to your driveway, the backdoor leading to the yard, or even a door that leads from the garage into the kitchen, keeping the beloved pooch out of certain areas at specific times is important for its safety and your sanity.

Buying a dog gate for each area is a simple solution, but you want to make sure that you choose one that will look good, fit in with your existing decor and provide maximum security for the pet.

How tall of the dog gate do I need?

If you have a small dog, you might not need the dog gate at all.

But if you have a medium to large-sized dog, you’ll need a gate that’s tall enough to keep the pup from jumping over.

The general rule of thumb is that the dog’s gate should be about 8 inches taller than your pet.

So, if the dog is 17 inches tall, you’ll need a 25-inch tall gate. Of course, every dog is different, so you’ll want to measure the furry friend before you go shopping for a gate.

How strong are pet gates compared to baby gates?

Short answer: very!

Pet gates are generally easier to use than baby gates. Why?

Because they’re made with dogs in mind.

When you’re parenting kids, safety is your top priority and this is no different for the senior doggo.

Pet gates are designed with a high-tension spring that holds large dogs from smashing through the bars.

This doesn’t mean small pets can’t push the gate out of their way; if your little one wants to go “walkies” he or she will get around the gate.

Do you need a stair gate for a puppy?

Dog owners will tell you that puppies are a lot of fun. They are also a big responsibility.

And when dogs are small, it is important to contain them to prevent them from getting hurt or hurting others.

Using the stair gate on the second floor of your home is a great way to do this.

It makes it easy to keep the dog contained upstairs without having to worry about it being able to make its way down the stairs.

Another benefit of stair gates is that they simplify potty training.

By using the stair gate, you can easily contain the pet in one part of the house while you take them outside to potty.

Top 5 Benefits of Having the Dog Gate

Keeps other animals out – Whether it’s keeping the neighborhood cats out of the yard or keeping rodents away from your home, the dog gate can do the job. By creating a barrier, you can be sure that only the animals you want in your space are able to enter.

Helps to contain messes – Another big benefit of dog gates is that they can help to contain messes. If you have a particularly messy pup, the gate can be a great way to help keep their messes confined to one area. This can be especially helpful if you have hardwood floors or carpeting that you want to keep clean.

Keeps the furniture safe – Dogs can be very destructive when they’re bored or anxious, and one of the things they often destroy is furniture. If you have the dog gate, you can help to keep the furniture safe from being chewed on or scratched by keeping the furry friend in one area.

Prevents accidents – Dog gates can also help to prevent accidents from happening in your home. By keeping the pet contained in one area, you can help to avoid any potential accidents that could occur if they were free to roam around the house.

Gives you peace of mind – Knowing that the buddy is safely contained in one area can give you a lot of peace of mind, especially if you have an adventurous or curious pup. Having the dog gate can help you relax and enjoy your time at home without having to worry about what the dog is up to.

Pet Gate Extensions: Find the Right One for You!

Pet Gates are great when the dog is still a puppy.

As it grows older, however, gates may no longer be the best solution for the situation.

That’s where pet gate extensions can help.

These gate extensions come in different sizes to make the pet gate longer than the average.

They  can also be used outside of the home if you have a small kennel or fenced backyard area for the pets.

Keep in mind that a gate extension is not a substitute for a full-sized fence!

What dog gate is best?

There are hundreds of dog gates available but only a few are worth buying.

If you own a Great Dane, German Shepherd, Pitbull, or other strong, stubborn dog, and you want to keep them safe and secure, then you should check out the Carlson Maxi Extra Tall Pet Gate (expands 51-58 Inches Wide).

extra tall dog gatePin
extra tall dog gate


For each dog owner, the arrival of a new puppy is an event that triggers much joy, anticipation, and many preparations.

Leaving the dog in the house while you are away can be an important matter.

The idea of letting the beloved pooch roam in an unfenced area frightens most dog owners, and rightly so.

For one thing, you might come home to find your kitchen cabinets ate or furniture chewed.

For another thing, a lot of time and energy are required to train the furry friend not to deal with freedom.

Don’t let the pet’s safety become an afterthought when you install one of our beautiful dog gates …


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