Grza CAC Dog Show 2014

On 07/20/2014 there was a national dog show “CAC 2014” at the picnic area Grza.

Our dog Tyson won excellent and CAJC last year (more info).

This year – excellent and CAC! In order to become a champion of Serbia this was his third CAC.

List of judges:

1. Dr. Dragan Janjić V, VII, X
2. Dr. Darko Drobnjak I, II
3. Živoin Stevanović IV, XI
4. Ljubiša Nikolić I, II
5. Mileta Srećković III, VI
6. Goran Djorđević VII

Tourist place Grza near Paracin

Grza is a known resort in Serbia that was named by the same name river. It is located 17km east of Paracin and 400 m above sea level.

The beautiful nature (mostly surrounded by deciduous forests), diverse flora and fauna are just some of the features of this resort. The only criticism might be poor road infrastructure.

More specifically, the first 400 m road is of good quality, while it can not be said for the remaining 5 km.

Usually, when you have some big events such as dog shows, the traffic flow is very difficult as we had the opportunity to make sure. The reason for this is the small number of parking spaces and narrow path.

The dog show was held in the best order.

The exact number of initial application dogs we can not say (approximately 200).

The organizers made sure that the prize money was rich, and for participants were prizes of surprises.

There was also an exhibition of paintings called “Shepherd dog” in a nearby hotel.



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