Kennel Club “Jagodina” was established 1964. year. Since the establishment runs continuously a full 47 years. There are about 400 members.

Participation in these manifestations has taken over 20 000 exhibitors. On all these parades was not objections and appeals by the exhibitor.

KC Jagodina covered all competitions valuable prizes in the form of trophies, medals and diplomas.

On 26.03.2011.god. KC Jagodina organized the international dog show. Number of registered dogs – over 500.

Our kennel has achieved excellent results. Krom has won in the champion class – CAC, CACIB and then BOB. Best In Show (BIS) domestic breeds – Krom 3rd place.

Dina, a young female, received a grade ”excellent” and title of Junior Winner CAJC.

FCI judges evaluating the dogs at this event:

  1. Ljiljana Pavlović I FCI
  2. Kasum Mikšić Bjanaka (rottweiler) II FCI
  3. Polina Simić II FCI
  4. Žaklina Stojmenov (doberman-boxer) II FCI
  5. Škipić Vesna II FCI
  6. Tijana Konrad II FCI
  7. Marija Tcaneva III FCI
  8. Marija Kalčić III, IV FCI
  9. Nikolina Davidovska V FCI
  10. Sanja Bognić Momčilović VI FCI
  11. Nataša Davidović VII FCI
  12. Sanja Vreteničić VIII FCI
  13. Marija Lukić IX, X FCI

City Jagodina

Jagodina is a city located in Serbia, 136 kilometres (85 miles) south of Belgrade, on the banks of Belica River.

Its name stems from the word for strawberry in Serbian. It is the administrative centre of the Pomoravlje District of Serbia.

The town has a population of 36,092 inhabitants, while the administrative area has 71,852.

Jagodina opened its zoo on July 10, 2006, at a cost of 30 million Serbian dinars. The municipality invested 40% and donors provided 60% of the costs while the biggest donor was the Belgrade Zoo.

The zoo is located in the complex of the city park “Đurđevo brdo”, a designated nature park, with an area of 20,074 square meters.

It has pedestrian zones for children, the old and disabled persons, and generally a high-quality infrastructure.

The first primary school in Jagodina was opened in 1808. Today, there are 11 primary schools in Jagodina of which 6 are in the city and five are in the rural area, with 36 regional offices.

There are also 4 secondary schools and two universities, one is publick (founded 1898. year) and the other is private.

Jagodina recently opened an Aqua Park on July 24, 2007.  Source: Wikipedia

Dog Show VIdeo FCI 4302

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