Dog Safety Ramps: The Ultimate Guide for Owners

There are a few reasons you might need a dog safety ramp. Perhaps you have an older dog with arthritis or a severe leg injury.

A heavy dog might not be able to make it up or down the stairs on its own, or the pup simply has trouble jumping up onto your bed.

The dog ramp is a great investment to make your pet comfortable. You will be able to see the happiness in their eyes!

They would be grateful to you.

Not only that, but ramps can also help the pets live longer! Therefore, by using dog ramps you are helping them both physically and emotionally.

Why ramps are better for dogs than steps?

When it comes to getting around the world, dogs have it pretty good.

Their natural gait is made for running, jumping, and climbing; their paws are tough, nimble, and fully capable of gripping the ground beneath them.

Many pets may feel the need to jump off the furniture because they’re not able to reach the place where they want to lie down.

Dogs aren’t built like us, and they can’t jump as high or as easily as us.

They need a longer distance to jump, but with a safety dog ramp, you can solve this problem easily (training).

Easy to use, safe and affordable!

What is a good slope for the dog ramp?

The slope of the dog ramp is important when trying to decide which one to buy for the buddy.

The minimum recommended slope for the dog ramp is 20 degrees.

If the ramp has a steeper slope, you may have a hard time getting the pet to take it on.

Word of advice, pick the dog ramp that’s length will allow you to keep some of the inclines and make it level as you lead into the doorway of your home or shed.

This will help avoid slipping and sliding by way of more traction on the ramp.

You can also add a non-slip surface to the sides of the ramp to help with traction.

How to make an easy, inexpensive ramp for the dog?

I’m sure that you already love your furry friend, but do you want her or him to be able to enter the car (or other transportation) by itself?

Maybe you would like to stop carrying it?

Or maybe you would like to cross a steep place with the pet in a safer way?

You can make an easy ramp for the dog to get up on the bed or couch …

How wide should the dog ramp be?

In general, for basic mobility problems, you need the dog ramp that is at least 24″.

But, if the buddy has severe mobility issues then you will need a slightly wider one.

Also, note that the breed matters too!

Smaller dogs usually don’t need a wide ramp …

Can you build a ramp over the stairs?

The simplest solution is to build a wooden ramp, but it must have some kind of support in the form of a board so that the dog’s weight does not cause it to slip, and then put a soft material on top of the boards (you can use carpet, felt or similar).

In addition, the surface of the ramp must be properly covered, so it doesn’t hurt the pet’s paws.

Why does my dog keep falling down the stairs?

If you have been in the unfortunate situation of seeing the pet tumble down the stairs, you know how disastrous it can be.

Dogs can injure themselves from a tumble down the stairs, especially if they are overweight or older.

There are a few potential reasons why the dog might keep falling down the stairs.

One possibility is that the pet is suffering from a neurological condition that is causing them to lose its balance.

Another possibility is that the furry friend is simply getting older and is losing muscle control.

If the dog is young, it is also possible that it is just clumsy!

5 easy steps to keep the pup safe on a ramp!

1. Train the dog to walk on a leash before using a ramp. This will help them get used to the feeling of being restrained while walking up and down the ramp.

2. Make sure the ramp is securely in place before letting the dog use it. Test it out yourself first to be sure it won’t slip or slide when the pup is walking on it.

3. Start with short, gradual inclines before moving on to steeper ones. This will help the buddy get used to the movement and prevent it from being scared or nervous.

4. Use positive reinforcement when the pet uses the ramp successfully. This could include treats, petting, or verbal praise.

5. If at any point the dog seems scared or uncomfortable, stop and reassess the situation. It’s important to make sure your pup is always happy and safe while using the ramp.

foldable wooden pet rampPin
foldable wooden pet ramp


Dogs are like children and should be treated as such. Pets mean a lot to many of us and the feeling of a special bond between the dog and its owner is something hard to describe.

They are truly awesome creatures! Keep in mind, dogs can get injured anywhere anytime.

Thank you for your time and attention …

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