Cacib Jagodina Dog Show 2015

On 04/04/2015 there was a dog show “CACIB Jagodina 2015”. The number of registered dogs is 448.

Young dogs in our kennel achieved excellent results.

Also, we would like to praise how a Kennel judge Mr. Nikola Angelovski evaluated the dogs.

Weather conditions were good and the Kennel Club Jagodina provided a rich prize fund. Below you can see the video clip and photos.

Ben Hur (11 months) – Excellent (5), CAJC.
Leo (18 months) – Excellent (5), CAC.
Big Haidy (11 months) – Excellent (5), CAJC.


1. Baby 3-6 months
2. Puppy 6-9 months
3. Youth 9-18 months
4. Intermediate 15-24 months
5. Open class over 15 month of age
6. Work class
7. Champion
8. Veterans (from 8 years)
9.  Breeding pair
10. Breeding group

List of judges

1. Srđan Kokotović I FCI
2. Nikola Angelovski II FCI
3. Vasko Mudreša II FCI
4. Ljubiša Nikolić II FCI
5. Dragan Krstić III FCI
6. Sašo Pešev IV, V, X FCI
7. Radivoje Tomašević VI FCI
8. Pero Čelebić VII FCI
9. Duško Piljević VIII FCI
10. Slobodan Nasteski IX FCI



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