Cuprija CAC Dog Show 2015

On 10/10/2015 there was a national dog show “CAC Cuprija 2015”. We decided this time that our young dog Ben Hur present kennel.

He achieved good results alongside a bad trial by cynological judge Mr. Milovan Protic. We concluded that the judge doesn’t know enough about the sarplaninac breed.

Ben didn’t make a single “circle” within the ring. The judge claims that the dog is too black! We thought it was a joke.

But when he said that Ben doesn’t have so typical head for the breed, we realized what time is it

Therefore it is necessary a description  of Ben by the breeder and cynological judges where the dog is presented!

Breeder Nebojsa Stefanovic: This dog is balanced, stable, and with a free spirit. He moves easily without visible defects.

Almost a black dog with a bear’s head, a black mask, and a black nose.

A snout is shorter than the forehead’s part. A nasal bone is straight without a humpback. The eyes are dark chestnut. The head is proportional to the body.

A gentle forehead, the ears insert in symmetrical form like a capital V. The back position of the legs is regular and broader than the front legs.

A tail is long under the ankle, raised, bent in an arc, and ornated.

Cynological judge Nikola Angelovski, CACIB Jagodina 04.04.2015: Eleven months old male, with a nice head, good neck, back loosens in movement, good forechest, front and back angles correct. Tidy teeth and testicles. The result: excellent (5), CAJC.

Cynological judge Milovan Protic, CAC Cuprija 10.10.2015: A young male, correct. The result: excellent (5), CAC.

City Cuprija

Cuprija is a town and administrative district in Serbia. The population of the town is 19,380, while the municipality has 30,020 inhabitants.

Cuprija lies on an international road and railway links 150 kilometers (93 miles) south of Belgrade and 90 km (56 mi) north of Nis.

The main source of income is the College of Nursing and Agriculture. Ravanica Monastery, built in 1381 by Lazar of Serbia, is 8 km (5 mi) to the east.

Source: Wikipedia

List of judges:

1. Nikolic Ljubisa I FCI and rottweiler

2. Milovan Protic II FCI

3. Ivan Vasiljevic III FCI and VIII FCI

4. Dejan Zivadinovic IV FCI and X FCI

5. Devic Nenad VI FCI  and VII FCI

6. Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic V FCI and IX FCI



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