What to Look for When Buying Dog Bed Blanket?

Your furry friend deserves the snooziest snooze ever, and the right dog bed blanket plays a starring role in their sleep sanctuary.

This guide dives into the key features to find the ideal dog blanket for your furry friend, guaranteeing ultimate comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

We’ll explore size, material, safety, and even some bonus features, ensuring your pup gets the ultimate comfort and style upgrade.

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Material Matchmaking: Tailored Comfort

Think of your dog’s personality and lifestyle as the ingredients in their personalized comfort sandwich:

  • Burrowers – Plush fleece or microfiber offers a cozy embrace, trapping heat for snuggle monsters.
  • Overheated Hounds – Breathable cotton or linen blends allow air circulation, preventing your pup from turning into a furry furnace.
  • Adventurous Explorers – Waterproof nylon or canvas shrugs off dirt like a champ, perfect for mud-free snuggles after outdoor escapades.

Choose a machine-washable blanket with a removable cover for effortless cleaning. 

Consider additional needs:

  • Chew-resistant materials (canvas or ripstop nylon) for nibblers.
  • Hypoallergenic materials (cotton or bamboo) for sensitive skin.
  • Orthopedic memory foam inserts for joint support in older dogs.
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luxury dog bed blanket

Understanding Your Dog’s Needs

Every dog is unique, with individual preferences for warmth, texture, and even sleep style. Ask yourself:

  • Climate – Does the pet tend to get cold easily? If so, a thicker, plush blanket would be ideal, especially for colder climates. For sunbathers, a lighter option might suffice.
  • Size – Ensure the blanket is large enough for your dog to stretch out comfortably. Measure from nose to tail for a good starting point.
  • Sleeping Style – Does your pup curl up in a ball or sprawl out like a starfish? Choose an option that accommodates their preferred position. A round or donut-shaped blanket might be perfect for cuddlers, while a rectangular one suits sprawlers.
  • Chewing Habits – Be honest, is your furry firend a notorious chewer? Opt for a durable material like canvas or ripstop fabric, or choose the blanket specifically designed for chewers.

Size Matters for Dog Bed Blankets

Getting the size right is crucial for a comfortable and snuggly experience.

A blanket too small leaves your pup feeling exposed and chilly, while an oversized one can get bunched up and uncomfortable.

So, how do you choose the perfect size?

Don’t rely on breed-specific recommendations, as individual sizes within breeds can vary greatly. Grab a tape measure and follow these steps:

  • Length: Measure the beloved pooch when curled up, from nose to tail. Add a few inches for extra comfort and tucking under.
    Width: Measure a dog’s widest point, typically across its chest (plus few inches for wiggle room and coverage).

If your dog likes to stretch out, opt for a larger blanket. Here’s a general size guide to get you started, but remember, individual dogs may vary:

How to train dog to only snuggle in a specific spot on my bed with a blanket?

Teaching your dog to only lay on your bed when a specific blanket is present is a clever way to set boundaries and manage their access.

Here’s how you can achieve this:

  • Craft a Cozy Cave: Choose a unique blanket! Make their own bed super comfy with toys and treats to encourage downtime there.
  • Command Central: Train basic commands like “off” and “bed” using positive reinforcement (treats and praise).
  • Lure & Reward: Use treats to guide your dog onto the designated blanket saying “bed” and rewarding success. Gradually phase out treats as they understand the cue.
  • Barrier: When the special blanket is absent, firmly but kindly prevent them from jumping on your bed with “off” and redirect them to their own inviting haven.
  • Praise good behavior: Shower them with love when they follow the rules!

Training takes patience! Keep an eye on your pup at first.

If they struggle, seek professional help, or explore other solutions like confining them at night. Good luck!

Why Does My Dog Pull Their Blanket Out of Bed?

Keeping your dog from extracting their blanket from their slumber haven requires comprehending the root cause and addressing it thoughtfully.

Here are some possible explanations for this behavior …

Our canine companions have a natural urge to create a cozy den. If yours enjoys burrowing, consider providing a cave-like bed or offering multiple blankets to satisfy their burrowing needs.

A physically and mentally stimulated pup is less likely to engage in destructive behaviors. Ensure your furry friend receives ample walks, playtime, and stimulating puzzle toys to combat boredom and channel their energy constructively.

If the blanket-pulling occurs when you’re away, it might be a way to seek attention. Reward calm behavior near their bed with positive attention to teach them that calmness gets them what they desire.

An itchy, hot, or insufficiently soft blanket could be the culprit. Experiment with various textures and thicknesses to find one that provides optimal comfort.

In rare cases, excessive digging or chewing might indicate medical conditions like allergies or anxiety. If you suspect such issues, consult your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Solutions and Tips

Once you understand the reason behind your dog’s behavior, you can implement appropriate solutions:

  • Turn it into a Fun Game: Hide treats or toys within the blanket for your furry friend to discover while staying comfortably in their bed.
  • Provide Alternative Chewing Options: Redirect their chewing instincts to durable chew toys specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Secure: If safety allows, loosely tie the blanket underneath the bed frame or mattress, ensuring proper breathing space for your beloved pooch.
  • Weight: Some dogs find the gentle pressure from weighted blankets calming and deterring from digging. Choose a weight suitable for your dog’s size and consult your veterinarian before using.
  • Crate Training: For pups comfortable with crates, consider using one during specific periods, providing a comfy crate bed with a secure blanket.


Thanks for snuggling up with this post on finding the perfect dog bed blanket!

I know there’s a lot to consider, but hopefully, these tips have given you a clearer picture of what to look for when creating your pup’s ultimate comfort zone.

Consider their size, desired warmth level, and even their sleeping style to ensure the blanket is a perfect fit.

Happy shopping!

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